Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Cheder Calendar 5768

Sep 5 Wed 1st day of school
Sep 12 Wed – Sep 14 School closed (Rosh Hashana)
Sep 21 School closed (Sukkos break)
Sep 26-Oct 05 1st day of school
Oct 08 Classes resume
Oct 22 Mon Open school night 7:15-9:30
Nov 14 Wed Parent-teacher conferences-no school
Nov 22 Thu – Nov 23 Fri School closed
Dec 07 Fri Chanukah vacation
Dec 19 Wed *Early dismissal – 1PM (10 Teves)
Dec 25 Tues No bussing
Dec 26 Wed- Jan 01 Tues School closed (Winter Break)
Jan 25 Fri – Jan 28 Mon School closed (Shluchos convention)
Feb 18 Mon School closed-President’s Day
Mar 03 Mon *Teachers’ In-Service 1pm dismissal
Mar 20 Thu* Early dismissal – 1pm (Taanis Esther)
Mar 21 Fri School closed (Purim)
Apr 07 Mon *Teachers’ In-Service 1pm dismissal
Apr 14 Mon –Apr 28 Mon School closed (Pesach break)
Apr 29 Tue Classes resume
May 05 Mon *Teachers’ In-Service 1pm dismissal
Jun 02 Mon *Teachers’ In-Service 1pm dismissal
Jun 09 Mon – Jun 11 Wed School closed (Shavuos)
Jun 16 Monday *Early dismissal – 1pm
Jun 17 Tuesday *Last Day- Early dismissal – 1pm

*= early dismissal
Cheder ends at 1 PM on Fridays throughout the year.
Our KYW school closing number is 1770. Our school is located in Montgomery County.
For school closing information, please check KYW. You can also check the message on the Cheder phone number after 6:45 AM.

Children's Scholarship Fund

For our Philadelphia-based families, we are pleased to share this unique scholarship opportunity:

The Children's Scholarship Fund

About the Children's Scholarship Fund
Our Mission
The mission of the Children’s Scholarship Fund Philadelphia is to provide educational alternatives to low-income Philadelphia families. We believe that families provided with a choice will seek the best quality education for their children. With more than 4,500 children having received CSFP scholarships, we are the largest provider of K through 8th grade scholarships in Pennsylvania. CSFP awards are offered for a minimum of four years per student. The scholarships are need-based and awarded by lottery. The demand from families for educational alternatives is evidenced by the more than 75,000 qualified applications we have received. With over 205 local schools participating in our program, we are the broadest based scholarship fund, with the most diverse student population. We will continue to offer new scholarships annually as funding allows.

About the Scholarship
CSFP is pleased to announce that it is NOW accepting new applications for scholarship funding beginning in the 2008-2009 school year. CSFP Scholarships are partial scholarships, up to a maximum grant of $1,900 per student per year, for children enrolled in kindergarten through eighth grades.

All scholarships are need-based and awarded by random computerized lottery, to be held on March 10, 2008.

Only those families selected as scholarship award winners will be notified by letter. If you submit a scholarship application and want notification, you must send a self-addressed stamped envelope with your scholarship application.

How to Apply
If you are interested in applying for a scholarship, we encourage you to complete your application ONLINE before the deadline. Applications are also available to be downloaded and mailed to our office.

If you would prefer, you may also download a copy and send a completed form to: CSFP, P.O. Box 22463, Philadelphia, PA 19110-2463.

All scholarship applications must be received no later than March 1, 2008. However, due to staffing limitations, CSFP will process and enter only the first 7,000 applications it receives. We encourage you to submit a completed form as soon as possible. We accept ONLY one completed application per family and you may list up to three eligible children.

Snow Day/ School Cancellation Policy

Predicting weather and road conditions is a challenge, particularly given that our cheder serves students from four counties and two states. The safety of each of our students is our priority. We respect your right as a parent to make individual decisions for your child. If you choose to keep your child out of school due to severe weather, his or her absence will be excused.

While in prior years we followed other day schools or school districts in making our decisions to cancel school, this year we reserve the right to make these decisions independently – taking into account weather and road conditions, as well as bussing availability in the various areas we serve. Especially now that we have our own notification system, please don’t look to Torah Academy or school districts to find out whether we’ll be in operation that day.

Once school opens, it almost never closes early, except in exceptional circumstances. If you are worried about weather conditions, you can come and take your child home at any time. Do not believe that we are closing early because you heard that some district is.

Note: It is the responsibility of parents to check for snow closings.

On a day when severe weather is predicted, we will publicize our decision as to whether to cancel by 6:30am.

Please check KYW after that time, either on the Internet at :, listening to KYW on the radio (1060 AM), or calling (215) 224-1060. Our school closing number is #1770.

A message will also be posted to the Chabad House phone after 6:45am. Call 610-645-0180 to listen to the message after that time.